Bella Thorne Nearly Exposes Her Bare Butt As She Rolls Around In Whipped Cream — Racy New Video

Well, there’s no other way to put this… Here’s a super sexy video of Bella Thorne rolling around naked in whipped cream. Seriously. Oh, and she’s only wearing platform heels and nude underwear. You have to see this!

Just when we thought Bella Thorne, 21, couldn’t push the boundaries any more with her racy posts, she goes ahead and does this! — The actress can be seen rolling around in whipped cream with nothing on but sky high heels and nude underwear in her latest Instagram post. Bella, with her signature hair armpits on display, is all smiles in the racy video. Check it out below!

Bella, with her signature hairy armpits on full display, appeared to be rolling on a bed with a stripper pole attached to it. In the video, there’s a neon sign on the wall that says “electric p-ssy,” — a sign that was just as racy as the shoot! Bella lays down on the cheetah-printed bed in the video, and kicks her legs up. She makes sure to cover her breasts with her right arm, despite being covered in whipped cream. The only other things she’s wearing are jewelry, makeup and heels!

The outspoken actress is clearly half nude in the video, which was taken on set of a photoshoot. However, she does have  nude underwear on, covering her behind and front. And, she was sure to note that detail since fans quickly started to question if she was fully nude. “I’m wearing underneath nude bra and bathing suit bottoms for comfortability and it helps the whipped cream stay attached ;),” she captioned the video in part. Bella even posted a photo to her Instagram story from the set of the shoot, pointing to her underwear.

It’s unclear what the photos will be used for. She teased the images and tagged “Thorne by Bella” in the caption, writing, “Gonna be a big release w this shoot I’m stoked”.

Bella’s post came just one day after her big Halloween bash, where her boyfriend Mod Sun, 31, performed. The couple went as Chucky and Tiffany from Bride of Chucky for the party, which took place in LA on October 30. Bella looked sexier than ever in a white bustier wedding dress and leather jacket with blonde hair, while the rapper donned Chucky’s statement blue jean overalls and red hair.

Bella’s sultry post came after she revealed in a new interview that she’s dating both Mod Sun and YouTube star, Tana Mongeau. While it’s unclear what type of polygamy this relationship is, the actress made it clear that she has two lovers in her life. Bella and Mod have been dating since October of 2017. The actress was first romantically linked to Tana in September 2017, when they were spotted kissing in photos online.

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