Beastie Boys Team With Sonos For New Speaker

In a brand-new partnership with the Beastie Boys, Sonos have announced a special edition Sonos Play:5 Bestie Boys speaker.

“Beastie Boys are a revered and inspirational force in music,” said Sonos Global Head of Music, Brian Beck. “…we are incredibly grateful to support [their legacy] through this exclusive collaboration, celebrating the work and philosophies we respect enormously,” he added.

Designed by San Fransisco-based designer, Barry McGee, the speaker will be released in conjunction with the release of the Beastie Boys book, written by Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond.

“Beastie Boys always adapted their style to each moment, and the albums get better with time. I wanted to use graphics in the same spirit – something abrasive that rewards a closer look,” McGee said about the design of the speaker.

Meanwhile, the Bestie Boys Book: Live & Direct tour is scheduled to kick off in New York City on Monday, October 29, featuring readings from the book, conversations between bandmembers and other suprises.

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