Bardot: I was dragged through mud

Known as BB, the Paris-born ex-model, 88, became a film star and a champion of sexual freedom.

But she told Le Point magazine she never thought she was embodying the women’s movement.

She said: “I did all of this because I refused to stay behind the bars of the conventions of the time – I wanted to be myself.”

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The legendary sex symbol shot to stardom in And God Created Woman, the 1956 movie directed by her late husband Roger Vadim.

Brigitte said: “My freedom sometimes cost me dearly, you know. I was hunted down, insulted, dragged through the mud because of my way of life.

“I met women in the street who called me a whore.”

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She made only five friends in the film industry, she said, including Vadim. After 45 films, BB retired in 1973 and set up an animal protection foundation in 1986.

She said that “after having given my youth and my beauty to men, I wanted to give the best of myself to animals. But that does not prevent me from taking care of people in distress, who often write to me.”

Brigitte lives in St Tropez on the French Riviera and runs an animal sanctuary.

She supports the far-right and has criminal convictions for spreading racial hatred.

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