Baby Girl Lisa Hamme-Usman Umar Feud Goes Nuclear: No, YOU’RE a Blackmailing Scammer!

Just one week ago, it sounded like Baby Girl Lisa Hamme was prepared to have Usman Umar's baby in a desperate bid to save their marriage.

If she did not, she feared, Usman would take a second wife who could bear children.

(Lisa is in her fifties — we know that, in real life, her odds of a natural pregnancy were virtually infinitesimal)

Just one week later, and all of their plans to make things work have flown out the window.

On Tuesday, June 23, the troubled 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days couple both took to Instagram to let the other have it.

Lisa and Usman are both raging each other, accusing each other of being blackmailing scammers.

They both claim to have evidence to back their claims — and we even get to see some of it, including a massive check sent to only one of them.

Who is telling the truth?

1.Things have gotten BAD

2.But they did get married!

3.That wasn't all

4.Then it got worse

5.That was huge

6.Even Shaun Robinson got involved

7.What does "handled" mean?

8.Lisa pitched a fit

9.At least she still had Usman …

10.Here is Lisa's declaration

11.She says that Usman is "blackmailing" her

12.Usman had his own claims to make

13.Then he dropped this bombshell

14.Lisa chatted with Usman's manager

15.And Usman's brother …

16.Did she really steal cash from him?

17.Lisa claims that she has paid him

18.She even has receipts

19.That is … a huge mess

20.Who's right?

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