‘Arrow’ Showrunner Beth Schwartz Talks The Introduction of Flash Forwards For New Season

Arrow‘s season seven premiere came with a huge surprise at the end of the premiere episode – a flash forward with a much older William!

New showrunner Beth Schwarz opened up to reporters about the element and revealed that it was always the plan to switch from flashbacks to them.

“We always knew, like, after season five there won’t be flashbacks,” she shared. “So we had talked about doing flash-forwards a lot, years ago. Part of what I think made this series so successful in having the flashbacks is, you were able to really get into your characters, because you knew, especially with Oliver, you knew how he became the way he is.”

She continues, “Now with the flash-forwards, you’re able to see what is happening in our present day, how that affects our characters and the future which is really, really, really fun, creatively, to tell those stories.”

The flash forwards will also fill in gaps of what happened in between the now and the future too.

“We’ve told the story for seven years of our characters and have they really helped the city [as] vigilantes — are they good or are they bad? Now we’re able to see if their actions really helped in the future. That’s the cool part for us and really getting to know more mystery of like, what happened in that missing time is always good. Mystery on Arrow is key and that’s what I love about the show.”

Beth adds, “We won’t just keep mysteries alive, we’ll answer them as well.”

Arrow airs Mondays @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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