Are Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Getting Married?

First comes love … then comes baby … then comes … marriage?

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's relationship hasn't followed the most conventional timeline, but the most conventional relationship milestone of all may be in the cards for the on-again-off-again couple.

Malik's new album, Nobody Is Listening, features a track called "When Love's Around." The lyrics appear to hint that the former One Direction crooner has marriage on the mind.

"I need you in my life," Malik sings. "Yeah, you could be my wife for real / Only takes a woman / To show you what it means to love."

Well, that seems pretty explicit!

The singer and his model girlfriend have been together since late 2015. Just a few months ago the couple welcomed their daughter, whose name remains unknown. 

Malik celebrated his 28th birthday earlier this week. Hadid posted on Instagram in his honor, sharing a photo of the parenting duo (aka "TEAM NO SLEEP"). "Thank you for makin me a mamma to the best girl ever," she wrote.

Ring watch begins … now. 

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