Apple Gave Into Complaints And Changed The Bagel Emoji

This is why we’re losing to China. As a Bostonian, I don’t necessarily get how New Yorkers have heart palpitations if their bagels aren’t from the corner deli, or if their pizza isn’t from some hole-in-the-wall place that likely has failed every health inspection for the last fifty years. I have class, which is why Chili’s is my idea of fine dining. Cough. Anyway, when Apple released a sneak peak of its latest batch of emojis, there was a bagel, which is great because it gives sickos like me another option when trying to signal butt stuff. It looked like a regular, plain bagel you get in the bread aisle at the grocery store, which didn’t phase most of us, but New Yorkers lost it. Apple has since done a do-si-backstep and changed the lewk.

It was the biggest food scandal since IHOP tried to fuck around with its name, but Eater says Apple has issued a mea culpa to New York since it probably sells a ton of iPhones there…or they were just tired of people complaining about the bagel since February. See for yourself:

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