Amber Rose ‘Gets Married’ at Her Fourth Annual SlutWalk

Amber Rose hosted her fourth annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles over the weekend, an event designed to empower women and end rape culture, victim blaming and body shaming. For this year’s event, the former stripper dressed up as a sexy bride.

She wore a short white corset and matching thigh-high stockings, a garter and a veil. She paired her look with white sneakers and a long blonde wig. Amber was joined by her mom Dorothy Rose, who looked equally stunning in an all-black ensemble.

Speaking to E! News at the celebration, the mother of one said of her annual event, “I feel like my SlutWalk is sexually liberating, body positive and we’re fighting back. We’re allowed to be sexy. We’re allowed to dress how we want. It’s not an invitation to touch us inappropriately… We’re just not taking any s**t anymore. It’s done. It’s over.”

Thousands of women gathered at the event, with some participants holding banners which read, “Stop having sex with broke men,” and “Oh, so you one of them angry b****es, huh? A feminist.” One guest revealed Amber told her that she was “marrying herself today!” in reference to her wedding dress.

Last year, the “Dancing with the Stars” alum donned a superhero outfit. She sported a white leotard, red cape and a belt that had the letters “CSH” on it. It stood for “Captain Save a H*e.” Amber rocked black lingerie at the 2016 and 2015 events.

Inspired by the original Toronto SlutWalk, Amber launched her own back in 2015. Talking about the march in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said, “A lot of things pertaining to SlutWalk happened to me. I didn’t know how to articulate what was going on and why I was feeling this way. It was because I was sexually assaulted, I had been raped, and I was slut-shamed. I was victim-blamed, as well.”

“I didn’t really have words to those things that were happening to me until I started looking online and seeing things and realizing I wasn’t alone,” she continued. “And that I now have a platform where I can help other women who are recovering and healing.”

1. Here Comes the Bride

Covering her face with the veil, Amber rides a golf cart while greeting other participants at the annual event.

2. Support From Mother

While her daughter stunned in white, Dorothy Rose opted for an all-black look with a top hat, a sleeveless leather top with bow tie as well as a pair of pants.

3. We’re More Fun

The 34-year-old beauty held a banner which read, “Wife a slut. We’re more fun,” as she talked to the crowd.

4. Making Memories at the Event

Amber happily took several selfies when the participants started marching together.

5. Nun and Policewoman

Marcela Inglesias and Phoebe Price also took part at the march, dressing up as a sexy nun and policewoman respectively.

6. Be Proud of Your Body

One participant bravely bared her chest while sitting on the ground. Meanwhile, others lied down on the streets, covering themselves with red umbrellas.

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