Amber Heard Grilled on Cross-Examination About Alleged Bottle Assault

Amber Heard‘s story about the Australia incident that claimed Johnny Depp‘s finger is getting diced up and tossed in the fire on cross-examination … she’s knee-deep in a grilling.

The actress is enduring rapid-fire questioning by JD’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, who is getting into the weeds on just about every one of Amber’s allegations of physical assault — as well as the notorious lost digit tale that’s up on the chopping block Tuesday morning.

Vasquez is asking about the exact sequence of events — insisting Amber has testified to specific actions happening in specific order — but AH says she can’t recall what happened first/next, etc. … while also claiming she’s never said she did remember the chronology.

It’s interesting — what’s being dissected here is the claim Johnny sexually assaulted Amber with a liquor bottle of some sort — the same day JD lost his finger, BTW — which Vasquez is attempting to pick apart by going through the alleged assault in slow-motion, frame by frame … constantly bringing up her previous testimony, either in this trial or in older depositions.

Here’s another thing that Johnny’s team is latching onto consistently … the fact that there seems to be little to no medical records documenting horrific injuries Amber claims she suffered — including the ones in Australia — but now, Amber seems to be saying that her perception of some of the injuries at the time might’ve been worse than the reality.

In any case … Amber has acknowledged she didn’t seek medical treatment for a lot of the alleged injuries, but maintains they did in fact happen — and that Johnny was responsible.

Vasquez is constantly trying to keep Amber on track and focused on exactly the questions she’s being asked — and while the questioning is tenacious, Amber seems to be holding up pretty well. CV’s clearly going to be diving in on just about everything Amber’s testified to — which has been a lot thus far.

The cross-examination is just getting started, and it’s bound to get even juicier.

Stay tuned

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