Amazon Sued for Pulling Job Offers from People Testing Positive for Weed

Amazon’s allegedly been retracting job offers from people who use marijuana … and now Jeff Bezos‘ company is getting sued.

There’s a new class-action lawsuit against Amazon in New York, where one guy says he was offered a job at one of the company’s facilities only to be told he wouldn’t be hired after testing positive for weed … and he says more than 100 people can tell a similar story.

In the suit, obtained by TMZ, Michael Thomas claims he was offered a job sorting packages at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse contingent on passing a drug test. He says when the result came back positive for cannabis, Amazon told him he wouldn’t be hired.

Thomas claims under New York law, an employer can’t require drug testing for marijuana except for certain types of jobs. The guy says the job description made no mention of operating machinery or heavy equipment, so he insists Amazon had no right to require the weed test.

He claims a lot of people are in the same boat … and he’s going after Amazon for damages and an injunction blocking the company from continuing the practice.

We reached out to Amazon … so far, no word back.

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