Amanda Peet can’t escape ‘Game of Thrones’ questions

Despite being constantly bombarded with “Game of Thrones” questions, Amanda Peet is remaining tight-lipped on how the show ends.

“I’m scared and uncomfortable when people ask me about it,” Peet, who’s married to the HBO show’s co-creator David Benioff, told Page Six at Amazon’s premiere of “The Romanoffs” on Thursday. “I’m trying to be really good.”

Peet revealed on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” on Wednesday that she’s privy to the top secret ending of the hit show.

Even her “Romanoffs” co-star Jon Tenney couldn’t get her to spill the beans while filming their episode together.

“I couldn’t get it out of her!” Tenney told us at the premiere. “I tried, I asked her quite a few times.”

Peet has never appeared on “Game of Thrones,” but told Page Six she asked her husband if he would cast her in a role.

“I didn’t really address [which part],” she said. “I just wanted to have a snaggletooth and be really dirty and die a violent death.”

A Wildling, perhaps?

“Maybe,” Peet replied, “But Rose [Leslie], no one can be as great as Rose!”

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