Ally Brooke Gets Choked Up Talking about Her Solo Career and Life as a Latina

Ally Brooke Hernandez is the subject of the second episode of Entertainment Tonight’s new series, My Life as a Latina.  In the special, Ally Brooke gets very emotional when it comes to discussing what her new post-Fifth Harmony career will look like, as well as talking about her roots.

About her new solo career — which has obviously taken longer to develop than an of the other group members of 5H — Ally says 

I want to be on that stage and en-ter-tain. Because I’m an entertainer … I’m able to finally break out from all those boxes, shatter the glass and be who I am.”

Ally describes her family’s support for even as a child performer as crucial to her eventual career:

They seriously … like I don’t even know how to put into words how thankful I am for them. They gave me that confidence. And they sacrificed so much for me. And they supported me along the way even when it was so hard. And when I was younger and going through things, when I didn’t believe in myself, when I thought that I wasn’t good enough … they were just right there to encourage me.”

You can watch Ally’s full spotlight below.

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