Alison Hammond admits stopping herself ‘crying’ over breaking chair in front of Matt Damon

Alison Hammond shows fans around her new home

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Alison Hammond, 47, has looked back on her early years as a host of ITV’s This Morning as she marked her first anniversary co-presenting the show with Dermot O’Leary. The TV star took a trip down memory lane to revisit an embarrassing blunder she suffered in front of Hollywood star Matt Damon, 51.

It happened in 2007, when Matt was promoting his hugely successful film, The Bourne Ultimatum.

The pair were discussing the actor’s work and his upcoming film, when Alison’s chair suddenly collapsed.

Alison told the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine: “Me and Matt had a little sit-down interview, and as you can see I’m quite a rotund lady.

“As I sat down I thought, ‘This chair’s a bit tight.’

“About three minutes into the interview the arm on the right-hand side just went ‘Ping!’ and flew off.

“I said to Matt, ‘Carry on, what were you saying…’

“He was laughing and was very kind about it but it wasn’t the best of days.

Alison continued: “I had to style it out, otherwise I’d have cried.”

But now it has been 15 years since the embarrassing moment and Alison has cemented her status as one of ITV’s household names.

Her candid admissions and contagious laughter entertain This Morning viewers and guests alike.

Last week, Alison left Dermot red-faced after she made a comment about liking older men in the bedroom.

It happened during Friday’s instalment, where Alison and Dermot spoke with Terzel Rasmus, 29, and Wilson Rasmus, 80, a couple with a 51-year age gap.

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Alison enquired: “Terzel, is everything good in the bedroom?”

Dermot was left floored as he put his head to the desk in disbelief.

Terzel laughed before Wilson replied: “Everything is good. Many friends ask that question but I always say, ‘I am not going to talk about it.’

“But what I can say is, we have no problems.”

“Yes, Wilson,” Alison shouted as she put her hands in the air. “That is brilliant.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure meeting you both,” Alison continued. “Love is love at the end of the day.”

“You had to go there, didn’t you?” Dermot said to his co-star.

“But everyone wants to know,” Alison quipped before she admitted: “You know what, I have had an older man and they are great in the bedroom. “They know what to do.”

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