Adele Fans Can’t Get Over How Much She Looks Like Sarah Paulson After Major Weight Loss

Adele fans saw a striking resemblance between her and actress Sarah Paulson after she debuted her incredible weight loss!

Adele, 32, has a tendency to break the internet as her career continues to skyrocket. She did this all over again on Wednesday, May 6, after the “Hello” singer shared a slimmed down photo of her on Instagram. Reactions from celebs like Chrissy Teigen, 34, and Meghan McCain, 35, varied (one was stunned after seeing the snap while the other was concerned about the media’s attention over it) however there was another star who was brought into the mix due to her looking just like the Grammy winner.

Several fans posted split shots of Adele and actress Sarah Paulson, 45, looking unbelievably alike to one another. “I’m not saying Adele and Sarah Paulson are the same person but,” one person on Twitter wrote while sharing a pic of them wearing similar ensembles. “Wow it took me a minute realizing this was Adele and not Sarah Paulson… anyway both gorgeous women,” another chimed in. The Emmy winner hasn’t discussed the comparisons on either of her social media accounts as of yet. She did, however, gush over her wife Holland Taylor‘s acting abilities in Netflix’s Hollywood and post an adorable photo of her dog Winnie

Adele’s dramatic weight loss has been covered for months now as diehard fans eagerly wait for her to come out with new music. She’s shown off her new figure a handful of times, most notably at her best friend Lauren Dockrill‘s wedding in London in February. Photogs caught her leaving the ceremony in a cream short-sleeved turtle neck top & ankle-length Oscar de la Renta floral skirt which drew attention to her small waist.

She also stole focus from Nicole Richie, 38, and Lauren Paul, 33, while striking a pose in a skintight little black dress during their recent trip to Las Vegas. “Woah! She’s looks amazing! I can’t believe the transformation @adele,” one wrote underneath the snap posted on a fan site while bringing up an important point. “Wow. Kudos for the determination and hard work you put into you loss of weight. But always remember, do everything for you. In the long run. Your inner happiness will thank you.”

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