‘Absolute mockery’ Furious Piers Morgan rages as Gavin Williamson given knighthood

Gavin Williamson: Jeffrey Archer asks ‘why didn’t he resign?’

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Piers Morgan has branded Gavin Williamson’s impending knighthood an “absolute mockery” in a furious rant on Twitter. Williamson was sacked as defence secretary for allegedly leaking secure information, before he was named education secretary.

During his time in this role, he presided over the exams debacle back in lockdown 2020. 

He oversaw a new system based on a computer algorithm and teacher assessments, but was slammed when the students’ results were obviously unfair, losing them places at universities. 

He defended the new system before making an abrupt U-turn two days later. 

Back in September, Williamson was sacked from the job and returned as a backbencher – but he’s now set to recieve one of the highest honours in the country – a knighthood.

Former Good Morning Britain host Piers, and his ex-co-host Susanna Reid both angrily took aim at the move when it was revealed. 

Alongside a photo of Williamson laughing, piers tweeted: “BREAKING: For services to wrecking millions of kids’ education during the pandemic, Gavin Williamson is to be knighted. (I’m not joking…)”

He continued in a further tweet: “I can’t handle ‘Sir’ Gavin Williamson. 

“It’s such a contemptible slap in the face to the British public who’ve suffered so badly from his woeful ineptitude, and makes an absolute mockery of our already deeply flawed ‘honours’ system.

“In fact, it may kill it off altogether.”

Meanwhile, Susanna wrote: “Confusion over exams at the start of lockdown. No proper transition to home learning. Children without laptops. 

“Thousands dropped out of education. The algorithm destroyed Uni places. Gap between state and private widened. 

“How does that get rewarded like this?”


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Back when Piers still hosted GMB, the pair ripped into Williamson on air. 

Last January, Susanna told the former minister: “[Students] lost out on future life chances at the universities they wanted to go to.

“Back in December, you told schools they needed to stay open, even threatening legal action against them, and then come the new term you decided that schools needed to be closed. 

“Still half a million haven’t got laptops to access online learning, and they still have no idea how their exams are going to be assessed.”

Piers then demanded to know if Williamson had offered his resignation to the Prime Minister.

“Our focus, my focus is making sure children get the best remote education,” replied Williamson, refusing to answer the question. 

She then harked back to an interview Williamson did with Richard Madeley when the latter stepped in to host GMB.

Richard cut the interview off back in 2018 when Williamson refused to answer a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

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