A Place In The Sun presenter Sara Damergi speaks out on ‘freaky’ calls from viewers

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A Place In the Sun presenter Sara Damergi has opened up about receiving “freaky calls” from viewers. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the property expert, 41, revealed that she’s been targeted on social media over the way she looks and what she wears, adding that she contacted the police after receiving “freaky” calls featuring “heavy breathing” some years ago.

But I think it comes with the job sometimes sadly

Sara Damergi

Addressing the trolling she’s received since appearing on TV, Sara said it escalated beyond receiving messages on social media.

The Channel 4 star said: “I have had my emails hacked in to, I’ve had my – a long time ago – I had my address posted online, I’ve had calls with heavy breathing – really weird stuff.

“But that’s thankfully all stopped,” she added.

The property guru was forced to contact the authorities in a bid to get the calls to stop.

She explained: “I actually went to the police about that and found out who that was.

“But I think it comes with the job sometimes sadly.”

Sara went on to confess that she knows other people who it has happened to, who have had strangers turn up outside their property.

She continued: “It was really freaky but I think lots of people in the industry have had similar experiences

“Even in shopping channels, sometimes that’s worse as they can talk to you and they’ve had people outside their houses.

“So I’ve had lots of people I know [who have] suffered with it,” she admitted.

Addressing the trolling she receives on social media, the star candidly stated that she deals with it by reporting and blocking the offending social media users.

Sara said that the trolls would most often target her over the way she looks, taking issue with her hair or the way she was dressed.

She explained: “It could be anything from – my hair is notoriously messy all the time, so that’s a fair comment from them,” she joked.

“It could be anything from my hair or one woman said I look like I was wearing a bin bag.”

Sara went on: “Some people don’t like the way I speak, some people don’t like the way I laugh, some people think I talk too loud… anything really, it could be anything.”

However, the Coast to Coast presenter revealed that she’s grown a thick skin when it comes to being trolled and doesn’t let it affect her anymore.

The mother-of-two said: “It doesn’t bother me, it used to bother me years ago but now I couldn’t care less, just let them get on with it.

I just block and report usually if it’s really inappropriate.

“I have had some racist stuff which I always report and obviously anything inappropriate like sexual things I report straight away or anything stalky,” she divulged.

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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