600Breezy Called ‘Embarrassing’ After Suggesting God Let King Von Die Due to RICO Case

In a new interview, the Chicago native shares his interpretation of why he thinks his late friend and fellow rapper Von died so soon, noting it has something to do with RICO case.

AceShowbiz600Breezy reflected on the death of his friend King Von in a new interview. Speaking with DJ Vlad, the Chicago native shared his interpretation of why he thinks Von died so soon, noting it has something to do with RICO case.

“Like with Von, people don’t understand this… like, on the way to the hospital and all that s**t, he was okay,” he said during his appearance on VladTV. “They’ll tell you like, Von was cool in that car. He wasn’t a dying man in the car on the way to the hospital.”

He continued, “So, when he died, it was just like, ‘What?’ I felt like God felt like Von didn’t deserve to go to jail forever. ‘Cause you know that RICO, that O-Block RICO, Von was the head of that. So, the people they got now, Von would have been the face of that case.”

Breezy believed that if Von were still alive, the authorities would have placed several murder cases on him, blaming the rapper for alleged crimes that he may or may not have committed. “Now, Von said all this time to come home to become a superstar just to go back to jail forever,” Breezy added.

“I don’t feel like that was-I don’t feel like he deserved that. So, you know what I’m sayin’? S**t. God called him home. It probably was a situation to where, you know hat I’m sayin’, he don’t deserve to be in prison forever, so, he left his. mark on the world, so, just come with me-type s**t,” he went on to opine.

Fans, however, felt like Breezy was spitting non-sense. “600 breezy talking about god wanted von to get shot in his back 8 times and die so he wouldn’t have to go to jail for the rest of his life And none of Vons ppl is gonna say anything to him but quick to get tuff with his ex…,” one person wrote on Twitter, calling out Von’s crew over their beef with Von’s ex Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat).

“600 breezy said king von died cuz he woulda got life in prison for a RICO….. man dat n***a just need to not do no more interviews lmaoooo,” another user echoed the sentiment. Someone else trolled Breezy, writing, “600 breezy just say anything and it’s so embarrassing like wtf? ‘God let Von die because he was getting a Rico charge and going to prison for life’ like wtf.”

Urging Breezy to shut up, a fourth user wrote, “See 600 breezy need to shut his f**king mouth because The O Block track stars didn’t do a goddamn thing when Von got hit but once again it is still crickets about that night.” Another tweet read, “600 Breezy so aggravating he talk to much bruh s**t up Von barely talked to you.”

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