2 Shows Dominate The Highest Paid TV Actors List — Can You Guess Which Ones?

Forbes released their annual list of the highest paid actors on television, and the big story?

TWO SHOWS are dominating the list, with eight of the top ten slots.

But which shows?

Well… it’s not the extremely long-running The Simpsons, where the actors each do 900 voices. Nor is it HBO‘s juggernaut, Game Of Thrones

Did you guess?


Big Bang Theory and Modern Family!

Yes, the two network sitcoms have been going strong long enough for their ensembles to slowly build up RIDIC annual salaries.

In fact, the only actors not from those shows are Mark Harmon from NCIS and Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead.

See the full top ten (below):

BTW, Forbes notes as Andrew Lincoln will be leaving TWD next year, we should expect him to be replaced by Norman Reedus, who “reportedly negotiated a raise.”

Everyone else will likely remain, after which the Big Bang crew will take their final bow and free up the list.

Which underpaid TV star do YOU think deserves a slot on the top ten??

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