15 Of The Best Halloween Buys To Get Kids Festive This Fall — Ghost Stories, Spooky Sweets & More

So you’ve got the perfect costume for your kid — now what? Make sure the little ones in your life are stocked up on the best spooky products October has to offer. We’ve got you covered!

There’s so much more to October than just a cool costume and one night of trick-or-treating! Kids have wild imaginations, so why not feed into the creepy crawly goodness that is this month by giving them the coolest products you can get your hands on? Stores have so much more to offer than just superhero capes and princess dresses around Halloween, and it’d be a shame to miss out on these hidden gems. Whether you’re racing the Grim Reaper all month long with the Stupid Deaths card game or watching your favorite scary movies with a Cinemood projector, your kids will love the exciting build-up up to October 31st. And if that still isn’t enough spook for them, grab a copy of Nancy Drew’s Boo Crew mystery to stick in their backpacks.

Once you’ve hit upon the perfect Halloween vibe, start focusing on the best buys to make Halloween night run as smoothly as possible — starting with the candy! You can either earn a reputation as the coolest neighbor on the block with creepy lollipops that look like creature eyeballs, or the most responsible one with a selection of sugar-free and super tasty Zaffi Taffi and Zollipops. But you shouldn’t stop there! Pick up a glow in the dark candy bucket while you’re at it, which will allow you to keep an eye on your costumed kid at all times, then grab a warm fleece blanket to wrap your baby up when temperatures start dropping during trick-or-treating.

The gallery above has all of that and more, so take a quick click through if you’re in serious need of Halloween inspo. With finds like these, the fun can go on all season long! Who says you can’t bring the spook to bedtime in November with Go Away Big Green Monster or The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein? Long live Halloween!

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