12 Times Stars Hid Their Pregnancies with Fashion Tricks : Kylie Jenner, Meghan Markle, & More

Worth a shot! Just because fans were super suspicious that these celebs were expecting, they went to great lengths to hide their baby bumps. Check out their sneaky styles!

Some celebrities like to keep their personal lives on the DL — especially when a baby is involved! That’s why so many famous mommas try flying their baby bumps under the radar with some creative wardrobe choices. Maybe by wearing baggy tees or flowy dresses, no one will notice, right? Wrong! Pregnant stars get called out all the time for rocking undercover baby bumps, and Meghan Markle, 37, was one of them. Before announcing that she and her husband Prince Harry, 34, were expecting on Oct. 15, the newlywed was rumored to be pregnant multiple times. That’s because she sported a coat to Princess Eugenie‘s wedding, covered her tummy with a stack of folders the next day and once even switched up her hairstyle as a distraction.

But she’s not the only one to use her fashion choices to her advantage while keeping a pregnancy under wraps! When Kylie Jenner, 21, chose not to confirm that she was expecting until days after she’d given birth, the reality star was forced to dress a certain way in public. As in, she wore a big baggy tee every time she stepped out in front of cameras. And on Instagram, she mostly stuck to uploading old selfies or taking shots from the chest up. Even when all of her sisters modeled for a Calvin Klein spread together, she used a strategically placed blanket to cover up. Other stars have been even more creative with big designer purses and pillows.

So check out the gallery above for some pregnant pics of your favorite celebs before they admitted they had a baby on the way. Can you spot their budding bellies? Instead of using objects, most went for loudly-patterned fabrics, belted dresses and large coats. Not all of these methods worked, but we give them an A for effort!

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