Winds of Winter release: George RR Martin hints he’s finally reaching the finish line?

House of the Dragon: Trailer for brand new series

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George RR Martin has had a busy summer, having travelled to San Diego for Comic Con’s House of the Dragon panel. Beforehand, the 73-year-old made it clear that he would be taking precautions to avoid catching COVID, from regrettably avoiding fan interactions and attending parties to not walking the convention floor.

Sadly for Martin, he did test positive and isolated himself in his Los Angeles hotel room, missing the House of the Dragon premiere.

When travelling the author doesn’t work on his writing or emails, so passed the time by watching the Netflix adaption of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

Now the Game of Thrones creator is back home in New Mexico and has shared an encouraging update on his progress with The Winds of Winter.

He also gave his first reaction to the House of the Dragon, of which he’s seen every episode of the first season.

Martin began his blog post: “Hey there. It’s me again. I am back in Santa Fe, and once more again seated at my computer(s).”

This is a positive start and it means the author can continue working on The Winds of Winter, which he’s not been doing for some time while travelling.

However, he did mention other work that’s been in the way of his progress on the novel.

He wrote: “I do not lug a laptop around on my travels, so I returned home to a thousand emails. I am presently digging out from under. Mostly done.”

Nevertheless, the most encouraging part of the blog post was this sentence: “I hope to wrap up the story line for one of the viewpoint characters of WINDS OF WINTER this week. Maybe even two.”

Given that he’s coming to the end of one or two characters’ storylines is a good indicator of not just progress, but potentially also near completion of the book. That is, of course, unless he’s writing them character by character rather than chronologically.

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Whatever the case, progress is still progress as A Song of Ice and Fire fans continue their wait of 11 years and counting for The Winds of Winter. 

In the meantime, he said of House of the Dragon – which starts streaming on August 22 in the UK: “I’ve seen all ten episodes now (albeit in rough cuts), and I love what I’ve seen. Ryan and Miguel and their amazing cast and crew have done some magnificent work. Hot D is all I hoped it would be; dark, powerful, visceral, disturbing, stunning to look at, people with complex and very human characters brought to life by some truly amazing actors.”


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