The ten books everyone's reading in lockdown

Our time spent cooped up indoors has made lots of us feel like it’s the ideal time to crack through our reading list.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t managed more than a few pages, though. We’re living through a pandemic, after all. That’s enough to turn your brain to mush.

But while many will be finally sifting an ever-growing pile of unread books from months before, others will have found themselves with nothing on their shelves to fulfil their need to read.

And thus online ordering becomes our best friend. Farewell, savings goals. We’ve spent all our cash on books and puzzles so we don’t lose our minds in lockdown.

Which books have we been buying, though?

Amazon has revealed the top ten bestselling books (physical copies and digital) they’ve sold between 23 March and 11 May, so we can get an easy look at the nation’s reading list in lockdown.

How many have you read? And which ones will you be ordering speedily to catch up on the cultural conversation?

The top ten bestselling books on Amazon in lockdown:

As always with books, we urge you to consider buying from local and independent bookshops, many of which have moved their offerings online but will still be struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon is easy-peasy and promises you quick delivery, we know, and we’re not going to shame you for however you access books that bring you joy. But if you do happen to have the time and money and fancy doing a big book order, you’ll get the added glow of knowing you’ve helped out a small businessowner if you go for an independent store.

However you buy your books, we’re definitely keen to know what you’ve been reading in lockdown.

Do let us know what’s been on your reading list these last few months and what you’ve thought in the comments section below.

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