The sexy books that are getting women to finish

Who said reading isn’t sexy?

Women have been seeking out naughty reads in droves, hoping that, if their partner might not satisfy between the covers, their latest book will.

In recent years BookTok – the corner of TikTok devoted to book lovers – has exploded with spicy book recommendations.

Goodreads has whole collections dedicated to curating the perfect selection of novels that get women going.

Countless tropes from forced proximity to enemies to lovers all serve to create the delicious sexual tension that allow bold sex scenes to hit the spot for readers.

So which are the books that will leave you all of a fluster? We’ve rounded up our top picks, covering everything from fantasy and rom coms to darker retellings and BDSM.

Now, enough with the foreplay, here are our sexy top picks.

Bared To You by Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day is a number one Sunday Times and international bestselling author and this highly erotic novel doesn’t disappoint.

Think Fifty Shades of Grey but it’s not cringy and the love interest isn’t a predator.

The mind-blowing sex scenes between the hot business mogul Gideon and protagonist Eva are made even better by their real-world issues.

The sizzling dialogue and the intense connection between the two is written well and there’s the perfect sprinkle of humour throughout.

It’s not a fluffy romance for the faint of heart, Gideon says it best: ‘Romance isn’t in my repertoire, Eva. But a thousand ways to make you come are.’

Buy for £8.99 from Waterstones.

Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Mass

Sarah J Mass is a fantasy dominatrix who almost single-handedly upped Bloomsbury’s sales by 12%.

Her books are centred on Faeries and while they may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think sultry and sexy, Booktok would definitely disagree.

A Court of Silver Flames is the latest instalment in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series which has a cult following, and it is by far the spiciest.

Following the story of a fiery Fae female Nesta and her mate Cassian, this is a tale of angst and full on sex.

Cassian is a cocky warrior who has hundreds of years of experience in the bedroom and he has us feeling some type of way.

But when Nesta expresses her desire to be dominant in the bedroom he replies: ‘Then I’ll beg you to ride me into oblivion.’

Buy for £7.99 from Waterstones. (Check trigger warnings, references to sexual assault).

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Helen Hoang has masterfully portrayed a heart-warming but still super sexy and fun relationship that blossoms between Stella, who lacks dating experience, and Michael, an escort.

Stella, who has Asperger’s, hires Michael to help teach her everything from foreplay to positions other than missionary but soon a real connection forms.

And there are plenty of smutty scenes to satisfy – Hoang definitely isn’t afraid of the steam.

We also love that Stella is a woman in STEM and she’s the money-maker out of the two protagonists. Who doesn’t get turned-on by a powerful woman?

Buy for £8.99 from Waterstones.

New Animal by Ella Baxter

Ella Baxter’s debut novel is a refreshingly different spin on the journey of self-discovery through sex.

Working as a funeral parlour make-up artist, Amelia finds brief comfort in one-night stands and dating-app hook-ups, but when a loved one dies she blows off the funeral and embarks on a mission of escapism.

Amelia visits her father in Tasmania and it’s there that she discovers the local BDSM scene and experiences intense revelations about the connections between death, grief and sex.

Baxter doesn’t shy away from the graphic detail, and Amelia’s honest experiences when trying new things provides a realistic tale of self-discovery which will leave you unable to put it down.

Buy for £14.99 from Waterstones. (Check trigger warnings, references to suicide).

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout

Jennifer L Armentrout’s From Blood and Ash series was and still is a BookTok sensation.

The adult fantasy romance focuses on a hot love interest with fangs and it certainly gets our hearts racing.

While the first three books in this series are certainly the best for plot, the sex scenes are the ones that truly don’t disappoint.

From Blood and Ash is a slow burn romance from the POV of Poppy, a virgin who’s life has never been her own.

This enemies to lovers series is full of vampire bite erogenous zones, countless sex scenes and a man who loves nothing more than to pleasure his woman (who has tried to kill him more than once).

Buy for £14.00 on Amazon. (Check trigger warnings, assault).

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Who doesn’t love a sexy pilot with attachment issues? Colleen Hoover is well-known for her ability to write heart-wrenching romances and Ugly Love is no different.

Tate Collins finds herself engaging in a no-strings-attached relationship with pilot Miles Archer, but their undeniable attraction soon evolves into a deeper connection.

These sex scenes are heart-breakingly relatable for those of us who have attempted a no-strings-attached relationship.

Promises and rules get broken as Miles’ past stops him from being able to form a meaningful connection, and while these scenes have us feeling some type of way, we may be crying at the same time.

Tate engages in sex with Miles because she wants him so badly and she admits: ‘I’m terrified to lose him for good, so I sell myself short and take what I can from him.’

Buy for £7.49 from Waterstones. (Check trigger warnings, references to infant death).

Desperate Measures (Wicked Villains Series) by Katee Robert

Katee Robert is an author known for writing sex. Books don’t get any bolder than this series when it comes to explicit scenes and Robert has certainly put a VERY adult twist on these Disney retellings.

Desperate Measures is the first book in the Wicked Villains series which tells the tale of Jasmine and Jafar.

This Aladdin retelling shows Jasmine bargaining away her freedom and willingly surrendering herself to Jafar who is a member at a very exclusive sex club.

It’s at this sex club that the pair explore their kinks and desires, with countless other characters like Hook, Beast, Gaeton, Ursa and more also club members.

Each book in the series explores kinks such as public humiliation, orgies, auctions and dom/sub relationships, with something for everyone.

Robert manages to write these stories while still championing consent and safe sex practices and that really gets us going.

Buy for £10.99 from Amazon. (Check trigger warnings for each book).

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Finally, a BookTok favourite and for good reason. Ali Hazelwood writes a wonderful tale of Olive, a PH.D candidate and Adam Carlson, a young hot-shot professor.

The grumpy and sunshine trope comes into play here which makes the sex even more meaningful when their fake relationship becomes all too real.

Adam is a drool-worthy love interest with an incredible six-pack and Olive is a talented woman in STEM, which provides a refreshing background for a heart-warming and sexy tale.

We know we will be experimenting with this book.

Buy for £8.99 from Waterstones. (Check trigger warnings, references to sexual assault).

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