Game of Thrones author George RR Martin PRAISES final season writers despite fan BACKLASH

Earlier this year the final season of Game of Thrones aired, with critics and fans alike bashing how the show ended. Nevertheless, A Song of Ice and Fire author George RR Martin has praised showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss for their work. In fact, the pair have been nominated for Emmys; notably for writing and directing the final episodes which were so derided. Writing on his blog, Game of Thrones creator Martin wrote: “My congratulations to David Benioff, Dan Weiss, our producers, directors, and all the rest of our amazing cast and crew.”

The 70-year-old author continued: “Those who were nominated and those who were overlooked alike, they all have reason to be proud. 

“They came together to create the most popular television show in the world, and the most acclaimed, nominated, and awarded series in the entire history of television. 

“And they did with a fantasy, a genre that previously had gotten very little respect.  

“GAME OF THRONES changed television, and let us hope that all the fantasy shows that follow — some GOT prequels, many not — will take the torch we lit and carry it proudly.”

Martin, who still has The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring to write, has revealed whether the fan backlash to the show’s ending – which is by and large his planned conclusion – will have an effect on the books.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said: “The internet affects all this to a degree it was never affected before.

“Like Jon Snow’s parentage. There were early hints about [who Snow’s parents were] in the books, but only one reader in 100 put it together.

“And before the internet that was fine — for 99 readers out of 100 when Jon Snow’s parentage gets revealed it would be, ‘Oh, that’s a great twist!’”


The author added: “But in the age of the internet, even if only one person in 100 figures it out then that one person posts it online and the other 99 people read it and go, ‘Oh, that makes sense.’

“Suddenly the twist you’re building towards is out there. And there is a temptation to then change it [in the upcoming books] — ‘Oh my god, it’s screwed up, I have to come up with something different.’ But that’s wrong.

“Because you’ve been planning for a certain ending and if you suddenly change direction just because somebody figured it out, or because they don’t like it, then it screws up the whole structure.

“So no, I don’t read the fan sites. I want to write the book I’ve always intended to write all along. And when it comes out they can like it or they can not like it.”

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