Bolder review: Carl Honore on how people are really ageing

Carl Honore
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Ageing, like nostalgia, ain't what it used to be. In many ways we don't need Carl Honore to tell us this and much of what he says is hardly news: people are working longer, playing longer (at 50 he's still playing hockey), falling in love and having sex when they're meant to be past it. But, he says, the perception still persists that ageing – as Philip Roth said – is not so much a battle as a massacre: culture extols youth, advertising markets it and literature is full of old fools. Honore, who interviewed people across the world from septuagenarian factory workers in Thailand to love-struck couples in their late 60s in England, documents a different reality. While people are facing increasing age more adventurously, the language of ageing – such as experiencing a "senior moment" – needs to be retired. A pick you up for anyone feeling the best of life has been lived.

Bolder. By carl Honore.

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